Migration projects

Government ICT Centre Valtori started operations in March 2014, with about 400 employees transferred from various central government organisations. In all, the sector-independent ICT tasks of 80 central government organisations will be migrated in accordance with an approved migration schedule.

The migration of ICT functions to Valtori will be implemented by means of organisation-specific migration projects, in which sector-independent ICT tasks, employees, agreements and other factors of production are mapped.

For the initial period of six to nine months after migration, transitional procedures are applied, and the services delivered to customers and other operations remain unaffected. During the transition period, Valtori's common rules and procedures will be gradually introduced.

In connection with the migration project, Valtori and the customer conclude a service agreement, which specifies the services, service quality, pricing and cooperation procedures between Valtori and the customer.

The employment relationship of personnel performing sector-independent ICT tasks to be migrated to Valtori will continue without disruption under the same terms and conditions after their transfer to Valtori.