The Government ICT Centre Valtori produces sector-independent ICT services for the central government.

Sector-independent ICT services of the Government refer to services to production or arrangement of which does not require significant sector-specific know-how and which are based on commonly used hardware and software solutions and technologies. The customer-specific variation of services and solutions does not make them sector-specific.

The special security and preparedness needs of the the central government are taken into consideration in the production of the services. Valtori develops its service management system in accordance with the principles of the ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 quality standard.

Valtori harmonises and standardises the services it produces and the related service management processes and technologies.

Valtori offers the following productised service portfolios for the use of central government organisations:

Working environment
  Information system services   Expert services

Terminal device solutions

  • Terminal device service Valtti
  • Remote use service Kauko
  • Mobile terminal device service

Datacommunications services

  • Office telecommunications service Reitti
  • Government's shared telecommunications services (VY net)

Communications services   

  • Communications solution Vyvi
  • Videoconferencing service
  • Publishing platform service YJA
  • Organisation voice solutions
  • Document repositories

ICT Moving Service

Printing Service


Identity and access management services

  • Identity management service Key
  • Single sign-on
    solution Virtu

Capacity solution Vaka

Operational support services

  • Service management solution Toimi

Integration services

  • Integration service VIA
  • Connection server for service bus

The service

  • Architectural Services
  • ICT analyst and expert services
  • Information
    security expert services
  • Test consultant services