Information security expert services

The information security expert services make versatile information security consulting and auditing services available to central government agencies. The commission is prepared according to the client's needs. 

Furthermore, it is possible to order different ready-made packages such as a guided self-assessment of information security levels or a risk management workshop.

An information security audit can determine, for example:

  • how the organisation's information system meets the requirements set for it;
  • how well the organisation's information system is protected against external attacks; and
  • how well the organisation meets the information security or ICT preparedness requirements.

Information security consulting can be used in, for example:

  • correcting deficiencies found in audits;
  • developing the information security management system;
  • surveying the requirements of services and systems; and
  • developing and maintaining the information security of services and systems.

Ready-made service packages:

  • Guided self-assessment of the basic information security level
  • Guided repeat self-assessment of the basic information security level
  • Assessment of ICT preparedness
  • Risk management workshop and an extra workshop
  • Drafting/review of the information security requirements of procurement
  • Information security officer service

Information security expert services are available to all central government organisations that need information security auditing and/or consulting work for the improvement of the information security of the organisation or its services and systems.

The services are implemented by using third parties who are information security and risk management experts and who have been selected through competitive tendering.

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