Test consultant services

Valtori's test consultant services provide government organisations with consultancy for testing and quality assurance of ICT services.

The service can contain, e.g.

  • overall planning and coordination of testing,
  • requirement specification assessment and work method management,
  • assessment of current status in test processes (TPI analysis)
  • functional testing, acceptance testing, performance testing, code reviews, automated testing and usability testing
  • user support for testing tools and test training

Reduces the risks to your agency's operation

By using test consultant services, government organisations can reduce risks to their operation in the following ways:

  • fewer production failures,
  • agreement requirements will be met and
  • the organisation's quality reputation will improve.

The service consultants will test ICT services according to coherent quality criteria, in a consistent way. All of Valtori's test consultants have been given security checks and they have signed an NDA. Valtori will take care of the competitive bidding and the selection of consultants.

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