Capacity solution Vaka

With the help of the Valtori-produced Capacity solution Vaka, central government organisations will get the most common operating environments available to their information systems, including hardware, system software, hosting and support.

The Capacity solution includes the following:

  • server capacity*
  • database capacity**
  • server software capacity**
  • integration capacity**
  • virtual desktop capacity**

* To be implemented during 2015
** To be productised later, already available as customer-specific implementations

The services listed above include the operating system licences, telecommunications (VY network, Internet), firewall services, internal name services, backups, and the monitoring and management of the basic infrastructure.

The government's data centre and capacity services are primarily produced from the government's shared production environment producing services for several central government organisations. The government's shared production environment is a solution that has been implemented in accordance with information security requirements.

The capacity solution can be tailored for different protection levels, and it can be acquired at different service levels (e.g. office hours or 24/7) and produced from different geographical regions (Finland or the ETA area). This enables the procurement of the services in a cost-effective manner in accordance with the pertinent requirements.

The capacity solution implements the government's data centre and capacity service strategy, one of the goals of which is to reduce the number of data centres and the costs they incur at the level of the entire central government.

The agency will have access to the platforms and hosting their systems need without needing to invest in new hardware. The capacity can be increased and reduced flexibly according to need. The capacity changes can be implemented often in just a couple of working days. In this way, the procured capacity will match the actual need better than before, allowing things like load peaks, underutilisation and temporary test environments to be taken into account.

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