Citizen's account

The Citizen's account offers a secure and reliable service for the e-Business between the public administration and its customers. All public administration actors can connect their services to the Citizen's account. The service is part of the portal.

With the help of the Citizen's account, the authorities are able to:

  • deliver decisions and notifications to citizens easily and flexibly;
  • request additional information from a citizen for a pending matter; and
  • use the intermediate storage service of the Citizen's account for the delivery of documents to the Citizen's account.

Authorities can connect the Citizen's account to its own e-Business service, case and document management system or e-mail system. Documents can then be sent from these systems directly to the Citizen's account. The message moves securely to the Citizen's account through a protected channel, and the Citizen's account sends a notification of a new message to the citizen using the service.

The citizen who received the message can also reply to the message and send attachments to the authority, unless the agency that sent the message has prevented this on the Citizen's account. The reply message is sent to the authority via a secure connection.

Benefits of the Citizen's account

  • The public administration's shared Citizen's account will increase the customers' trust in the services of the authorities.
  • The Citizen's account reduces costs, as in lieu of printing and mailing paper materials, documents are delivered to the customer electronically.
  • The Citizen's account enables proactive services, allowing the authority to take initiative when doing business with a customer (messages and proactive notifications directly to the customers).
  • The development of shared services reduces costs and makes the development work more uniform.
  • The Citizen's account is a tested and true solution from the perspectives of both information security and legislation.

Public administration mails electronically into a single address

Citizens can use the public administration services connected to the Citizen's account easily with a single sign-on. The use of the service is based on the consent of the citizens.

Identification for the Citizen's account is done with commonly used identification methods such as bank identifiers, mobile certificates and electronic ID cards. Identification takes place via the Citizen's identification and payment service Vetuma, provided by the Government ICT Centre Valtori.

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