The service is an e-Business form platform where public administration organisations may create electronic form services and attach printable forms. E-Business services produced with other solutions can also be linked to the platform to form a part of the organisation's service portfolio offered on the platform.

The platform also offers a complete solution for the implementation of a public administration electronic form service in a cost-effective manner, as joining the platform does not require investments in hardware or software.

The platform offers your customers an easy-to-use and information secure opportunity to conduct business through the electronic services offered by the agency, regardless of time or place.

The e-Business services implemented on the platform are also easy to link to the agency's own website.

More visibility to the e-Business services and forms

The information of e-Business services, forms and links imported to the platform is managed through the administration interface.

Each organisation that has joined the service maintains the information of its own forms in

Form information stored in is automatically visible in the following online services according to the target group selection defined for the form:

  • For citizens –
    The e-Business services and forms intended for the citizens have been collected in the portal. You can search for forms using the search function or by browsing by subject.
  • For the authorities –
    The "Viranomaisen asiointi" (Authority e-Business) section of the "Työhuone" (Workroom) site of includes forms intended for use by the authorities. You can search for forms using the search function or by browsing by subject.
  • For companies –
    The portal includes e-Business service and forms intended for companies. You can search for services using the search function or by browsing by subject.

The same e-Business service or form can be found from several different online services if it is intended for use by several different target groups.

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