ICT Moving Service

ICT Moving Service produced by Valtori allows an agency access to the ICT infrastructure it requires at an office as a single system.

Valtori handles, for example, the office's telecommunications, network printers and multi-function devices, modifications and installations of ICT in the conference rooms and at the customer service desks of the office, and ensures that mobile phones have coverage at the office.

If the agency is moving to new premises or is renovating its current premises, Valtori will handle all required ICT infrastructure changes, allowing the client to concentrate on its own operations.

The move or establishment of each office is separately customised based on the client's needs. This may involve compacting the office premises, a move to new premises, or the renovation of current premises to support new, more flexible ways of working.

Valtori will take care of surveying the entire ICT infrastructure on the premises, co-operate with subcontractors and the other users of the property, and be responsible for the functionality and maintenance of the technology at the level of information security required by the agency.

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