Mobile terminal device service

The Government ICT Centre Valtori produces mobile terminal device service that covers a devices' total life cycle, from acquisition to decommission.

The mobile terminal device service will induce a dramatic change in the working routines of the central government staff. Valtori will make almost all of the tools that are available in work stations, today, available for employees' mobile devices (mobile phones and tablet computers).

When an agency connects its employees' mobile devices to the new service, they will have mobile access to, e.g., the intranet, the document management system, Office products and joint government services, such as the M2 travel management system and the Kieku personnel management system.

The service also enables centralised distribution of security settings and software to all mobile terminal devices, as well as restricting the use of applications, if needed.

Valtori is also setting up a mobile application store (Apps@work) for applications that are frequently needed by employees in their work. The dedicated apps store, within the service, makes it easy to find the required apps, instantly, in one place.

The service includes:

  • A smart phone or tablet computer, for use at work
  • Connection
  • SIM card delivery and changes
  • Virus and malware protection software
  • Centralised mobile management
  • Preinstallation on new devices
  • User support
  • Data-secure decommissioning of the device

The device contains the following minimum basic settings:

  • Device security code
  • Device encryption
  • Mobile mail configuration
  • Device component management (Bluetooth, SD card, GPS)
  • Privacy settings
  • Device monitoring at the operating-system level

Maintenance service is included with supplied terminal devices. In case of failure, the user is given an replacement device or can borrow a device for the duration of any required servicing.

The terminal device has a two-year service life, after which Valtori takes care of its data-secure decommissioning. Valtori will inform the user, well in advance, when the device is reaching the end of its service life. At the same time, an agreement is reached with the user as to replacement device.

Easy and safe solution

Valtori Mobile Terminal Device Service provides an easy and safe mobile solution for all employees in an organisation.

Its centralised device management and data security software make it safe to use and ensure unified settings in all mobile terminal devices used in the agency.

Security aspects are also considered at the end of the devices' service life, when Valtori takes care of its data-secure decommissioning.

When using Valtori's Mobile Terminal Device Service, agencies do not have to use their time on procurement, management and maintenance of terminal devices, as this will be centrally handled by Valtori.

Other features 

  • Native applications (e. g. Microsoft software, PDF reader)
  • Government applications (e.g. Mobile-Kieku, M2)
  • Internal network services (e.g. intranet and document management systems)

The new features make it possible to perform more versatile tasks on mobile devices. With these, you can do almost all of the same tasks as are possible at workstations.

Also, remote connection from mobile terminal devices to an agencies' own systems is possible.

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